Shirting fabrics

A clean cut shirt in crisp cotton is a favorite of mine. Oversized, slim fit, stripes, plain, shirt dress, buttoned, long sleeved, short sleeved, you name it. Here are some fabrics perfect for these garments.
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Malak Brown & White Striped Cotton
Mandy Striped Cotton Stretch
Maxwell White Striped Cotton
Marwa Off-White Cotton
Mateo Soft Ochre Striped Cotton
Maurice Grey Striped Cotton
Meryl Light Grey Cotton Stretch
Maisa Blue Cotton
Maia Mint Green Cotton
Maho Sky Blue Striped Cotton
Maeva Yellow Check Cotton
Mae Blue Cotton
Troyin Orange Blue Vichy Cotton
Maddy Multicolour Check Cotton
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Tobin White & Black Floral Cotton
Shirley Green&White Striped Cotton
Lucy Striped Cotton
Pramoda Dark Green Cotton Twill
Aude Striped Cotton
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Rudra Mint Green Cotton Shirting
Rango Mocca Cotton
Dagon Black & White Leaves Satin Cotton
Serenity Navy and Champagne Check Cotton
Laura Navy Vichy Cotton
Poline Blue and White Vichy Cotton
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Leeza Lila Vichy Cotton
Lamize Liberty Cotton
Smoke Grey/Cream Vichy Cotton
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Lopez White & Blue Striped Cotton
Lenka Sky Blue Vichy Cotton
Latrell Sapphire Blue Vichy Cotton
Luna Blue & White Striped Cotton
Lenora Blue & White Striped Cotton
Leontine Light Blue Cotton
Lexy Multicolour Cotton Tartan
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Tom Brown Vichy Cotton
Light Turquoise/White Check Cotton
Azure Blue and Off-White Check Cotton
Seeb Multicolour Striped Cotton
Oscar Smoke Grey Cotton Stretch
Darcie Blue Cotton
Darlene Dusty Blue Cotton Poplin
Dana White Cotton Stretch
Darko White Cotton Stretch
Rey Multicolour Striped Cotton
Dalit Chocolate Brown & Cream Vichy Cotton
Tahir Indigo Purple Cotton
Amy Taupe Cotton Poplin
93 results