Stretch fabrics to embrace my body

We all need a little stretch in our garments from time to time. Take for example the weeks after the summer holidays. I for one eat more during my summer holidays then during the year. Thats because I'm relaxed, eating delicious meals morning noon and night, sipping on cocktails, wines, grazing on desserts and snacks. I yoyo between sizes so stretch can be more than welcome to give me that extra thigh, arm or belly space I need. Here is a selection of various types of stretch fabrics to make skirts, trousers, jumpsuits, t-shirts, tops, blouses or shirts. To sew stretch fabrics you do need to have a little more than basic knowledge, because it can get tricky, and an overlock is always welcome.
264 results
Jane Square Graphic Blue & Red Silk Stretch
Damar Pink Floral Viscose Jersey
Sada Check Stretch Cotton Polyester Blend
Cael Viënna Prince De Galle Wool Stretch
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Florian White Cotton Jersey
Audry Check Wool Blend
Viv Floral Velvet Stretch
Ariana Purple Geometrical Jersey
Troian Blue Polyester Jersey
Eleanora Black Polyester Neoprene
Ena Grey Prince Of Wales Stretch Viscose Polyester Blend
Smith Navy Tartan Stretch Viscose
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Safri Black Yellow Polycotton Jacquard Jersey
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Damla Multicoloured Leopard Polyester Jersey
Sagira Dusty Pink Polyester Jersey
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Frisco Burgundy Cotton Poplin Stretch
Tanya Vanilla Silk Stretch
Tasmon Green Print Viscose Jersey
Talat Stripe Cotton Sweater Jersey
Tamesis Glitter Pink Polyester Jersey
Tristan Burgundy Grey Polyester Jersey
Lark White Printed Viscose Jersey
Dana White Cotton Stretch
Adonica Blue Coral Stripe Cotton Jersey
Ariana Black Geometrical Jersey
Jamese Blue Cotton Denim Stretch
Only 5 left!
Theophile Dark Blue Viscose Jersey
Tobit Sky Blue Lace Polyester
Penny Floral Print Viscose Stretch
Nathalie Aquamarine Silk Stretch
Only 3 left!
Dagon Black & White Leaves Satin Cotton
Alivia Green Black Print Stretch Silk
Aj Smooth Taupe Wool
Ekram Black Polycotton Jersey
Cage Green Stretch Viscose Satin
Ann Army Green Silk Stretch
Adriaan Black White Stripe Cotton Jersey
Takala White Teddy
Dallyce Multicolour Floral Cotton Stretch
Ailis Caramel Cotton Stretch Sateen
Caley Purple Faux Fur
Lars Floral Print Stretch Cotton
Tarva Dogs Print Viscose
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Parkin Green Viscose Jersey
Teom Floral Printed Viscose Jersey
Trinity Black & Gold Polyester Jersey
Cadmus Navy Viscose Stretch
Salene Ecru Silk Viscose Stretch
264 results