Your own winter coat

Making your own winter coat can be intimidating, so we made it easier by selecting fabrics that you could use to make a durable coat which will last many years and will be comfortable, warm and unique. You will find in this collection everything you need to make your project work, from wool and synthetic heavy fabric to linings.
14 results
Lev Leopard Fake Fur
Arwin Herringbone Cotton Blend
Elvio Navy Wool Blend Felt
Marien Tartan Wool Blend
Tobe Tartan Wool Blend
Muriel Raspberry Fake Fur
Chloé Raspberry Red Tartan Wool
Carl Ecru Wool Mohair Blend
Beet Red Fake Leather
Dave Yellow & Black Striped Cotton
Iago White Polyester Lining
Camila Off-White & Beige Striped Acetate Lining
Renee Beige Floral Acetate Lining
Clara Burgundy Purple Double-sided Virgin Wool