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Nakula Vintage Plum Violet Jersey

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Nakula is a nylon stretch fabric typically used for swimwear. It is special because its retro geometric print is embossed in the fabric giving it extra depth. The embossed part has a texture similar to a velveteen or very soft and fine towel fabric. Suitable for bathing suits or bikinis. Also available in Black Jaguar and Emerald Green. You could even attempt combining two or three colours together.

  • Composition: PA + EA
  • Width: 140cm
  • Colour: plum purple
  • Pattern: retro vintage geometric print
  • Weight:  190 gr/m2

Our fabrics are sold per 10cm. Minimum order is 10cm for a sample size. To order 100cm of fabric, fill in 10 as a quantity. Your fabrics will be cut in one piece. 


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