All Day Lounge Sewing Kit

€28.50 €34.25

With our TFS sewing kits, you can create your own outfit, matching the colours and mood of the season. And you are saving 20% on your fabric, thread and buttons with this package purchase! 

This All day lounge sewing kit has everything you need to sew an oversized comfy shirt, or jacket. This model inspired by the #vestebillie made by @wissew_official and the #vestemanade by @aime_comme_marie, will suit every body type, and the light touch and earthy tone of Espinoza Plaid will contrast beautifully with the black hue of the buttons.

The all day lounge sewing kit contains: 

1m50 of Espinoza Plaid Viscose Polyester Blend 

1 Sewing thread Seralon 0779 Pine Nut

7 Black 4-Hole Plastic Button Glossy (diameter 17mm)

Price : 28,50 €

Enjoy, sew and show us your creations !!