The mission

We live in an era where we should reconsider our comsumption habits if we want to maintain a healthy environment for us and future generations. Many fabrics cannot be recylced because they are treated with chemicals making them non-recylclable and consequently a huge pollutant.

Combining her experience & knowledge of the fashion industry with her concern for the environment and public health, Allison Mc Greal founded The Fabric Sales with the intention of raising awareness on the impact of our buying habits, providing designers and hobbyists with quality fabrics and being a source of help to larger fashion companies in managing excess textile stock.

With The Fabric Sales, her dream is to create an independant community with a common goal. By building shops and online-store that gives a second life to extraordindary unused new designer fabrics; a studio that offers lessons and workshops to improve your craftmanship skills. And hopefully build a large network that will unify people from different backgrounds to help eachother create, repair, buy differently and do your part for the environment.