What & who is
the Fabric [Sales]

The Fabric [Sales] is an organization aiming to create an accessible network between professionals, students and non-professionals, both locally and internationally within the fashion industry.

Our focus lies in "the making", we provide & coordinate made to measure services for both private and professional, small or big requests. We also organize monthly stock fabric sales and offer information for those wishing to improve their technical skills.

With a background in international business and economics, Allison Mc Greal has learnt throughout her unusual career path that being resourceful is of great importance. Understanding the value of independence as a child, she was bound to become her own boss and encourage others to do the same. Passionate about style, creativity and fashion, Mc Greal has collaborated with several designers and high-end brands as a business consultant, advising them on sales, image and strategy.

With The Fabric [Sales], she opens up an exciting new chapter in her life, putting all her energy into an innovative and refreshing concept. Craftsmanship and imagination are two notions that are close to her heart.