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Rafi Grey Green Cotton SHOWROOM SAMPLE 34CM X 60CM


This lightweight cotton has a very natural beautiful beige sand colour that tends ever so slightly toward green. The fabric is mat and very  The fabric takes on creases if you pinch, fold and press hard enough and the medium weight means that it has structure and stance and could be used for more structured garments such as a summer bomber jacket or a structured dress, skirt or a pair of shorts. 

  • Composition:  100% CO
  • Width:  145 cm
  • Colour: Grey, Green 
  • Pattern: solid
  • Weight: 115 gr/m2

Our fabrics are sold per 10cm. Minimum order is 10cm for a sample size. To order 100cm of fabric, fill in 10 as a quantity. Your fabrics will be cut in one piece.

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