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Pioneering a circular solution to designer deadstock fabric management, storage and resale

Founded in 2012 as a pioneering company in circular fashion, The Fabric Sales is Belgium’s first designer deadstock fabrics’ reseller. A one of a kind opportunity for international high-end fashion brands to manage and resell their deadstock fabrics and participate in our mission to stop wasting good resources and consume better, reducing their environmental impact and being more socially responsible.
What started as an occasional pop-up deadstock fabric sale organized 4 times per year, The Fabric Sales has grown to a unique deadstock fabric library with over 7.000 unique references with fixed showroom in Rotselaar, Belgium, and carefully curated online store.



The fabrics you discover at The Fabric Sales are not just deadstock. We think of them as so much more because they took time to make, consumed hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, involved thousands of people, were transported around the world and sometimes even made, designed and developed especially for unique garments. We believe that these commodities deserve more respect and should be properly valued. We believe that all the effort put into making them should not be forgotten. Through reverse logistics we create value and give textiles a second life.

By choosing our fabrics, you choose to be part of the bigger picture.

Thanks to our strong network we can offer our fabrics to a divers international clientele. Fashion students, international renewed designers, home sewers and theatre & opera companies finding their way to our fabric library.