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A new chapter is about to begin... 
While relocating our warehouse in December last year, we started working on a bigger plan for The Fabric Sales. The new warehouse was just one step in the bigger picture we have envisioned for us.

Step two is now on the verge of becoming a reality. We have been building a new showroom on the other side of our building, where we'll have a huge parking space and a more accessible entrance. But the most important: it will be easier for customers to browse our fabrics and we have created a whole new vibe. We can't wait to show you!

Showroom 1.0
We started this journey in 2012 with a small room, stacked with deadstock fabric rolls from just a few designers and a "fabric sale" once a month. 

Showroom 2.0
More and more brands and designers found their way to our doorstep. We had to guarantee the safety of our customers and team, so we decided to rent a warehouse across the street and build a professional looking and well organised showroom. Niels raised the magnificent and innovative idea to organise fabric samples on cardboard hangers in order for customers to easily browse our growing amount of fabrics. Around the same time, we launched our webshop in order to make designer deadstock fabrics accessible to international customers as well. 

Showroom 3.0 loading...
A new opportunity presented itself when the warehouse next to our showroom became available quite unexpectedly. We jumped on the bandwagon and decided it was time for us to grow. The new warehouse came with a bigger retail space and so the big plan started taking shape.
We have been working hard these past few months, designing, rethinking, redesigning, rethinking again, ... to optimize and upgrade your customer experience. And soon we will be able to welcome you at our new showroom!

We need to move some things around in order to fill the new space, so that's why we decided to close our showroom for a few weeks.
Our present showroom will be closed as from Friday June 7th. We will reopen on Wednesday July 3rd.
We'll be able to welcome you in our new space shortly! Stay tuned on our social media, website and our newsletter to keep up to date.

Our webshop remains open 24/7
and we'll have regular shipping times between 1 to 6 business days.

This is a huge move for our business, both figuratively and literally. We’re so excited for this, because more space means more designers, more fabrics and more happy customers. 

Don't you worry, our showroom remains at the same address, it's just relocating on the other side of the building we're in. We'll have a much bigger parking space and a more accessible entrance.

We understand that closing our showroom for a few weeks may cause some inconvenience, and we sincerely apologise for any disruption this may cause to your shopping experience. Keep in mind that this is a huge deal for us and a necessary optimisation for our small business in order to keep providing you with the best service there is.



Will I be able to visit the showroom during the renovations?
No, our showroom will be closed from Friday June 7th until further notice.

Will I be able to order online during the move?
Yes, you will. Our webshop remains open 24/7 and we'll guarantee regular shipping times between 1-6 business days.

What if I have an urgent order?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you. We do not offer express shipping and our showroom will be under construction and inaccessible for store pickups.
There will be no exceptions for urgent orders to cut the line.

When will you reopen?
We will reopen on July 3rd. Keep an eye on our social media, website and newsletter to stay up to date.

Where are you moving to?
We are staying right here at Rotselaar, Wingepark 55D. Our showroom is just relocating to the other side of the building where you'll have a bigger parking space in front of the showroom, which will make it more accessible. 

Will there be new fabric drops?
We have new fabric drops on our webshop every Wednesday 10AM CET.

We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us! Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Now, let’s get moving!