Silk or its technical code (SE), is a natural fibre that is seen as a luxury product. It's usually soft and it falls in a way that hints at the body shape. Silk is fluid but its fibres are brittle and can break easily, so be extra careful when using this type of fabric. We wouldn't recommend a sewing novice to use silk as it can be very tricky to sew. Use the same detergent as for wool. Silk fabric is used for high-end garments such as tie’s, blouses, evening gowns and scarfs. Sometimes you will find nice patterns to make trousers or a jumpsuit, but be sure to take care when choosing the fabric weight and transparency.
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Lakia Dotted Print Silk
Jane Square Graphic Blue & Red Silk Stretch
Laura Red & White Polka Dot Silk
Sofia Reptilian Printed Silk Satin
Leryn Red Floral Printed Silk
Tamasine Champagne Silk Satin Stretch
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Fiona Ecru Silk
Flamingo Papaya Glossy Silk
Fayiz Nude Silk
Black Glossy Haute Couture Stretch Silk
Latifa Flower Printed Silk
Romina Green Flower Silk Crepe
Laura Pink Polka Dots Silk
Elena Geometric Woven Silk
Tanya Vanilla Silk Stretch
Tamarix Rose Silk Chiffon
Alivia Green Black Print Stretch Silk
Farica Black Cotton Silk Satin
Latik Flower Printed Silk
Royal Blue Duchesse Cotton Viscose
Laurance Dusty Pink Silk Satin
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Topaz Monaco Printed Silk
Jasmine Army Silk Mousseline
Nathalie Aquamarine Silk Stretch
Layan Ecru Silk Satin
Lennon Flower Printed Silk Voile
Jasmine Purple Silk Mousseline
Fay Ecru Silk Crepe de Chine
Femi Tropical Pink Silk
Trahor Burgundy Printed Silk
Venice Ocher Silk
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Sam Lilac Glossy Silk
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Ferrol Black Silk
Raimi Orange Jacquard Silk Polyester Blend
Karin Printed Silk
Isac Smoke Printed Silk
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Archibald Green Pink Printed Silk
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Black Silk Bias Tape 45mm
Rafiki Print Silk Voile Georgette
Victoria White Silk Chiffon
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Tokhada Blue Striped Silk
Toseland Black & White Printed Silk
Pippa Off-White Silk Lining
Piri Printed Silk Voile
Larry Flower Printed Silk
Fia Red Silk
Ram Black Embroidered Silk Polyamide
Presley Jacquard Silk Wool Blend
147 results