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Envisioned over 10 years ago by Allison Mc Greal, The Fabric Sales is a unique textile platform with values that differs from any other textile shop. The founder's intention has always been to put sustainability and practicality first by providing fashion brands with stock & waste management solutions in order to do her part, albeit minimal, to reduce pollution and help overall circular economy in the textile industry.

The fabrics you discover at The Fabric Sals are not simply deadstock. We consider them to be so much more because they have taken time to make, used up hundreds of thousands of litres of water, involved thousands of people, have been transported across the world in lorries, boats and planes; and sometimes even created, designed and developed especially for unique garments. We believe these raw materials deserve more respect and should be valued correctly. We believe that all the effort that has gone into making them shouldn't be forgotten. Through reverse logistics, we are creating value and you give textiles a second life.

By choosing our fabrics you are choosing to be part of the bigger picture. You are helping us communicate a strong message through creative projects with international artists; you are indirectly preventing precarious populations from isolation and mental health issues through donations that we make, you are reducing pollution and generating income for small struggling brands to survive, you are directly creating employment. You are investing in the future of our environment making you a wonderful citizen of the world and we thank you for that.

The cherry on the cake, is that you get access to stunning fabrics from designers and high-end luxury brands to use in your very own personal sewing projects. While enjoying premium quality fabric, you also give these gorgeous textiles a second life. Don’t be limited in your creativity anymore and enjoy making your sewing projects to their fullest. Be proud to wear a garment made by you with fabrics from The Fabric Sales. Feel free to visit our showroom in Rotselaar, Belgium to discover, see and touch our fabrics.