Silk or its technical code (SE), is a natural fibre that is seen as a luxury product. It's usually soft and it falls in a way that hints at the body shape. Silk is fluid but its fibres are brittle and can break easily, so be extra careful when using this type of fabric. We wouldn't recommend a sewing novice to use silk as it can be very tricky to sew. Use the same detergent as for wool. Silk fabric is used for high-end garments such as tie’s, blouses, evening gowns and scarfs. Sometimes you will find nice patterns to make trousers or a jumpsuit, but be sure to take care when choosing the fabric weight and transparency.
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Finlay Watermelon Red Silk Crêpe de Chine
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Fazal Black Silk Chiffon
Fayiz Nude Silk Crepe de Chine
Fifi Pink Silk Mousseline
Fidellia Tomato Red Silk Blend Lining
Fico Red Silk and Cotton Blend
Fiana Red Silk Satin
Fia Red Silk Crêpe de Chine
Feryal Black Silk Chiffon
Ferrol Black Silk
Fatma Black Silk Charmeuse
Fatin Black Silk Charmeuse
Ajay Black Silk Satin
Fathi Dark Grey Silk Organza
Farmer Black Silk
Farica Black Cotton Silk Satin
Fargo Black Silk Blend
Aira Black Silk Satin
Fantasia Off-White Silk Satin
Fanny Ecru Silk Chiffon
Fancy Off-White Silk Crêpe de Chine
Fay beige Silk Crepe de Chine
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Faxon Off-white Silk
Fauve Blue Grey Silk
Agata Anthracite Grey Silk Cotton
Fausto Beige Silk Lining
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Fauna Khaki Silk
Fallon Light Blue Silk Crêpe de Chine
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Fala Bronze Silk Chiffon
Fala Brown Silk
Coraline Dream Off-white Silk
Mucha Deep Green Silk Satin Stretch
Elisabetha Warm Orange Floral Print Silk
Mias Silver Noil Plain Weave Silk
Alexandra Green Polka Dot Silk Crêpe de Chine
Sibe Yellow Polka Dot Silk
228 results