Rada Orange Floral Printed Silk


Try our bright fluid 100% silk floral graphic print, combining several colours including orange, off white, light green and hints of purple and pink. This very lightweight fabric is transparent and perfect for a summer blouse, top or skirt. You could even adventure into making a maxi dress. To reduce the transparency, double the fabric, or layer it with another fabric such as lining. Silk is not an easy fabric to work with, so you need to have a confident sewing technique and knowledge of your sewing machine. Perfect for blond hair and both pale and dark skin tones.

  • Composition:   100% SE
  • Width:  110cm
  • Colour: orange, green, pink, off-white, purple
  • Pattern: graphic, floral print
  • Weight: 45gr/m2

Our fabrics are sold per 10cm. Minimum order is 10cm for a sample size. To order 100cm of fabric, fill in 10 as a quantity. Your fabrics will be cut in one piece.